Kevin McNamara and  Joy Reynolds have been teaching and presenting meditation workshops for more than 10 years. They have both spent time in India at meditation retreats and masterminds. Their motto of HELPING YOU MAKE YOUR BODY AND MIND GREAT AGAIN sums up their mission of service in helping others find their true inner being and potential.

Anxiety, stress, fear and depression are rampant in our world today. Mediitation is the portal away from those emotions and leads you into inner peace and calm. Their wellness mentoring, online classes, courses and masterminds help take you to a new level of consciousness and well being.

Cultivating a habit such as meditation can change your whole life. As they say YOU ARE JUST ONE HABIT AWAY…

Their classes are for people both wishing to learn meditation to ease stress, anxiety, fear and depression and those who already practice and want to go deeper into themselves and find that next level of life.